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The purpose of the SCIAFA is to foster and promote growth, scholarship, and fellowship among the student members of the IAFA and to address the needs of students working in the field of the Fantastic, by establishing mentoring and other programs, through coordinating efforts with the main body of the IAFA.

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For questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact one of the the Student Caucus Representatives to the Executive Board of the IAFA, Liz Lundberg, at elizabeth-lundberg AT or Daryl Ritchot at daryl.ritchot AT


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IAFA/SCIAFA Mentoring Program

Since 2001, the IAFA Student Caucus (SCIAFA) and the Internatial Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA) have sponsored a Mentoring Program aimed at helping student scholars to find their way around ICFA, discover the natural friendliness of the conference as quickly as possible, use ICFA as an entrance into existing scholarly communities concerned with the fantastic, and leave with both fond memories of the supporting organization and plans to return.

The success of this program depends upon its volunteer participants, and this is your chance to sign up as either a mentor or mentee.  IAFA and SCIAFA will be co-sponsoring a designated space where mentors and mentees can meet just before the opening Conference Reception  (designated the “Newcomer Meet-up” in the program). Attendance at this meeting is the primary task to be undertaken by both mentor and mentee. The mentor-mentee pairs will be matched up by the current SCIAFA representative. New conference attendees who have not signed up for the mentoring program are also welcome to attend the “Newcomer Meet-up” to be informally mentored by the two SCIAFA representatives, Liz Lundberg and Daryl Richot.

Applying for the program:

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Please send the following information to the SCIAFA representative, Taryne Taylor, at tarynetaylor AT by February 16, 2012.

Please title the e-mail with the position you are signing up for (e.g. mentor or mentee):


E-mail address: ________________________________________

Institutional affiliation (if any): ________________________________________

Main interests in the field of the fantastic: ________________________________________

Projected arrival at ICFA 2012: ________________________________________

Projected departure: ________________________________________

Will you be available for the Wednesday evening meet-up?  Yes or No

Constitution and By-Laws

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