Jamie Bishop Memorial Award

Jamie Bishop (1971-2007) was the son of Michael Bishop, an award-winning science fiction writer, and Jeri Whitaker Bishop, an elementary-school counselor; he grew up in Pine Mountain, Georgia, the family’s hometown since 1974, and attended school there as well as in Athens, Georgia, and in both Kiel and Heidelberg, Germany. Jamie was an artist and a craftsman as well as an instructor of the German language at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). He was among those killed in the Virginia Tech massacre of April 16, 2007.

The Jamie Bishop Memorial Award is a prize for a critical essay on the fantastic written in a language other than English. The IAFA defines the fantastic to include science fiction, folklore, and related genres in literature, drama, film, art and graphic design, and related disciplines.

Submission criteria:

  • Essays should be of high scholarly quality, as if for publication in an academic journal.
  • We consider essays from 3,000-10,000 words in length (including notes and bibliography).
  • Essays may be unpublished scholarship submitted by the author, or already published work nominated either by the author or another scholar (in which case the author’s permission should be obtained before submission).
  • Essays must have been written and (when applicable) published in the original language within the last three years prior to submission.
  • An abstract in English must accompany all submissions; an English translation of the title of the essay should also be included.
  • Only one essay per person may be submitted each year.
  • Submissions must be made electronically in Word format.

Deadline for submissions: September 1st

Prize: $250 U.S. and one year’s free membership in the IAFA to be awarded at the annual International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts held each March. Winning essays may be posted on the IAFA website in the original language and/or considered for publication in the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts should they be translated into English.

Please direct all inquiries and submissions to:

Rachel Haywood Ferreira
Department of World Languages and Cultures
3102 Pearson Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011 USA
Email: <rhaywoodferreira AT gmail.com>


2014 Winner Vera Cuntz-Leng (pdf of titles of all winning essays and abstract of first place winner)
Finalist Merja Leppälahti
Semi-finalist Clotilde Landais
2013 Winner Ezequiel De Rosso (pdf of titles of all winning essays and abstract of first place winner)
Finalists Paweł Frelik, Mariano Martín Rodríguez
Semi-finalist Fernando Ángel Moreno
2012 Winner Pampa Olga Arán (pdf of titles of all winning essays and abstract of first place winner)
Finalist Juan Carlos Toledano Redondo
Semi-finalists Sophie Beaulé, Alfredo Suppia
2011 Winner Alejo Steimberg (pdf of abstract)
2010 Winner Pablo Brescia (pdf of abstract)
2009 Winner Sandor Klapcsik (pdf of abstract)
2008 Winner María Beatriz Cóceres
2007 Winner Carlos Abraham (pdf)

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