IAFA Graduate Student Award Past Winners

The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts presents an annual award and stipend to the graduate student submitting the most outstanding paper at the Association’s conference.

Malisa Kurtz 2014
Cassandra Bausman 2013
Timothy S. Miller 2012
Mark DeCicco 2011
Elizabeth McManus 2010
Kurt Fawver 2009
Greg Bechtel 2008
Richard Landon 2007
Darja Malcolm-Clarke 2006
Christine Mains 2005
Rebekah Long 2004
Martin Horstkotte 2003
Eve Tal 2002
Sarah Canfield Fuller 2002
Janis Dawson 2001
David Sandner 2000
Ann Vasey 1999
Alexander C. Irvine 1998
Suzanna Nyberg 1997
Joel A. Hollander 1996
Greer Watson 1995
Diana Pharoah Francis 1994
Carter F. Hanson 1994
Robin Calfee-Moye 1993
Maureen King 1992
Marcelaine Wininger Rovano 1992
Rob Latham 1991
Jianjiong Zhu 1990
Michael Collins 1989
Sally Bartlett 1988
Veronica Hollinger 1987
Hollinger grad award

Veronica Hollinger walking to the podium to receive the first IAFA Graduate Student Award, 1987, photo by Robert A. Collins, courtesy of FAU Special Collections, Robert A. Collins Collection


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