How to Propose a Roundtable Reading

Each Division has the opportunity to organize a roundtable discussion of a reading in theory or criticism relevant to the conference theme. The reading is chosen by the Division Head, but IAFA members are invited to make suggestions to their Division Heads regarding appropriate readings. It is the responsibility of the Division Head to ensure that permission is obtained from the copyright holder to make the selected reading available to IAFA members on the website. This permission should be obtained by January 15, 2014. The Division Head is also responsible for providing the 1st Vice President with an electronic version of the reading by this date. Roundtable readings will be posted on the conference website on a password protected page prior to the conference. The password can be obtained from your Division Head or from the 1st Vice President. At the conference attendees can participate in a moderated discussion of the reading. If you are proposing a theory roundtable reading, you will need to provide the following as specified on the submissions page:


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