How to Propose a Panel

Each division has the opportunity to organize a panel. The IAFA conference is organized into eight divisions. Your panel proposal should be submitted to the one you feel most appropriate. Panel proposals not specifically related to a particular division may be submitted directly to the 1st Vice President.These divisions are:

  • Children’s and Young Adult Literature and Art (CYA)
  • Fantasy Literature (F)
  • Film and Television (FTV)
  • Horror Literature (H)
  • International Fantastic (IF)
  • Participatory and Convergence Studies (PCS)
  • Science Fiction Literature (SF)
  • Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)


Panels generally consist of 4 panelists maximum and one moderator. They are organized around a topic of discussion, and generally address the conference theme. Panels often include both scholar and author participants. Each panelist gives brief introductory remarks (no more than 5 minutes) on the topic under consideration, which may be followed by a series of roundtable responses to questions set by the moderator, after which questions and comments from the floor are taken and a moderated discussion between panelists and audience takes place.

If you are proposing a panel, you will need to provide the following as specified on the submissions page:

  • a 300-word statement of the purpose of the panel and the kinds of questions it will address,
  • the panel name
  • the names of the moderator and all panelists
  • their professional affiliations
  • a CV/Resume or professional biography for each participant including their areas of scholarly expertise and interest.

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