The memories below were written to celebrate the 30th annual ICFA.

If you’d like to read all of the essays, go to the book room at the next ICFA conference to purchase the book! The book includes the following additional essays:

  • The Donaldson Family (Stephen R. and his children,┬áRoss and Perry): “ICFA: Generations”
  • Roger Schlobin: “My Alternate Reality”
  • Robin Anne Reid: “There and Around and Through and Forward Again”
  • Eden Lee Lackner: “We Bagginses”
  • Joe Sutliff Sanders: “Shocking Confessions of the Cheery and Bald”
  • Christy Hicks: “An Embarrassment of Riches”
  • Don Riggs: “Neither Hermit nor Fool”
  • Karen Burnham: “Writing across the Curriculum”
  • Elizabeth Miller: “Up For the Count”
  • David G. Hartwell: “Florida in the Spring, with Splashes of Ideas and Music”
  • Brian Attebery: “A Fair Field Full of Folk”
  • Brian W. Aldiss: “Hatteras and Hibiscus: IAFA History, a Personal View”
  • Bill Senior: “We Were Outlaws Once, and Young”
  • Gary K. Wolfe: “What I Did on Spring Break”
  • Stacie L. Hanes: “Impressed by Our Leadership”
  • John Clute: “Inside the Magic Mountain”
  • Judy Collins McCormick: “Lucid, Inescapable Rhythms”

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