ICFA 35 Post conference excursion deadline *and* ICFA store site

The deadline for reserving the bus for the post conference excursion is upon us. If you are going to Kennedy on Sunday, we need to know!

If you want to go on the excursion and have not yet registered for the conference, please do so at http://iafa.highpoint.edu/mnrgateway/ and be
sure to choose the excursion.

If you have already registered for the conference and would like to add the excursion or a meal or souvenir, you can use of our new “ICFA Store” site on the membership and registration system.

Log in to the membership and event system, https://iaftfita.wildapricot.org/, using your email address and the password you chose.

Move the cursor over the “Members Only” menu. The ICFA Store option will appear beneath that. Click on that option.

If your browser blocks javascript automatically or is set up to warn you, you might see a message about running javascript. Tell the browser it’s okay in this case. The storefront provider is recommended by our membership and event system provider.

The catalog will appear. It’s pretty much like any on-line store from this point. Choose what you want, enter some options such as names and sizes, and find the checkout button when you’re ready.

On the checkout screen, you have options to pay by credit card, PayPal, or e-check. All are handled for us by PayPal but you do *not* have to be a PayPal member to pay by credit card or e-check.

Enter your email address so the system can let you know your purchase was successful.

You do *not* have to “open an account” with the ICFA Store so please don’t do this. We won’t be looking for it in any case.

Do fill out the billing information at the bottom though. From there it’s just like using PayPal for anything.

I have tested the system and everything appears to be in order. My bank account certainly thinks so.

If you run into problems, however, let me know in a polite sort of way: anarresti@gmail.com.


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