SFFTV: issue on world sf – deadline Sept 2013

Science Fiction Film and Television (http://liverpool.metapress.com/content/121631/) is seeking articles for a special issue in on world sf cinema and television.

Although excluding the US from discussions of world cinema and television creates a problematic opposition(ality), we are seeking critical work on sf from other national/transnational, and especially non-Anglophone, contexts, both historical and contemporary.

We are particularly, but not exclusively, interested in work which introduces and/or offers fresh insights into specific national cinemas/televisions, or which reconceptualises sf by relativising US/First Cinema variants as culturally-specific approaches rather than generic norms, or which addresses the following:

  • globalisation
  • transnationalism
  • imperialism, neo-imperialism, post-imperialism
  • colonialism, decolonisation, neo-colonialism, post-colonialism
  • sf from the Third World/Developing World/Global South
  • indigenous, Fourth World and Fourth Cinema sf
  • the subaltern
  • nationhood, national identity, regional identity
  • race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality
  • global networks, informational black holes
  • borders, borderlands
  • homelands, migrations, diasporas
  • national, international or transnational contexts of production, distribution or consumption
  • specific production cycles

Submissions should be made via our website at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/lup-sfftv.

Any queries should be directed to the editors, Mark Bould (mark.bould@gmail.com) and Sherryl Vint  (sherryl.vint@gmail.com).

The deadline for submission to this special issue is September 1 2013.

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